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          Please note: it is normal for all of our products, including Premium items, to have unique variations and character markings that are inherent to natural full-grain leather. Pebbled leathers are achieved naturally and not artificially pressed. Due to leather thickness, measurements may vary slightly. Color may also have subtle variations from batch-to-batch.

          • POLYURETHANE 95%, POLYESTER 5%
          • Imported
          • MINIJERILINI
          • Synthetic Material: This bag is crafted with high quality, durable faux leather
          • Top handle bag: This gorgeous bag can be worn as a chic small handbag, or as a convienent cross-body purse
          • Turn Lock Closure: This bag's metal lock closure makes it easy to secure all your items during travel
          • Where To Wear: A polished option for every day or an evening out. This handbag for women is perfect for work, or play

          Full Grain: Our full-grain and gently brushed leathers are among the strongest and most durable available, and the unique texture and natural imperfections from the cow’s life have not been removed. These marks are proof that the leather will become more beautiful with age.

          Pebbled: Please note that our pebbled leather, like all of our leather, is a natural product. You may notice changes in grain or texture throughout your bag. Other companies artificially press a pebble texture into their leather, but the pebbling of our leather is achieved naturally through an extra tumbling process which leaves some areas of the hide smoother than others.